The last brewery of Geetbets closed its doors in 1945. In 2020, 75 years later, the story of a new craft brewery in Geetbets started. The brewer and founder, Jemy Uyttendaele, was always enterprising. After 6 years self-employed in the audio-visual sector, he was looking for a new path to discover. Due to a grapevine in the yard, he started experimenting with wine, cider, and beer. Step by step, the brewery was built with new materials, research and trial and error. In 2021 Brewery BRICKX was born and our first beer - BRICKX Original, a top-fermented blond beer with a touch of citrus , ABV 7,5% - was reality!

In 2022 BRICKX Original won a GOLD medal at the European beer challenge and Craft Beer Awards. 

Al our products are craft brewed and on a small-scale. Each beer is produced with 100% natural ingredients, and brewed and bottled in our own brewery. 

In 2022 an extension of the brewery will take place and brewery BRICKX will be capable of producing 4HL a month!

With a lot of plans for the future, we continue brewing our existing and new beers with passion!