Welcome to the website of microbrewery BRICKX

Artisanal microbrewery located in Geetbets (Belgium). 

Our small brewery produces small-scale beers and sometimes experiments with wines. Quality is more important to us than quantity. Always check the stock on this website.

BRICKX Original blond beer

This top-fermented blond beer is produced entirely in a traditional way. The touch of citrus makes it an ideal thirst quencher!

Due to the subtle dry hopping, BRICKX Original has a soft aroma.

Refermentation in the bottle
Not filtered
Not pasteurized

Drink this beer at a temperature between 4 and 5 degrees Celcius.

ABV 7,5% 

BRICKX Mousseux 
sparkling wine (cider)

This festive sparkling wine (cider) based on oranges is produced according to traditional methodes. Each bottle has a long maturation process with which we proudly apply the Méthode traditionnelle. Brickx Mousseux tastes refreshing with a soft character. Unique in Belgium! 

Drink this wine at a temperature around 4 degrees Celcius.

ABV 10,5%